Common Motifs in the Modern Western Beach Wedding Dresses

Marriage ceremonies and receptions held on the beach are indeed, very special. A shore based wedding is noteworthy for sandy beaches and tropical breezes. All weddings are unique, much like the new couple and their dreams for the future. Few wedding guests truly think about how much work goes into dressing the new bride and her bridal party. Here are the common motifs in the modern western beach wedding dresses.

Western wedding dress clothing

Most brides tend to choose dresses for themselves, and their bridesmaids in contemporary styles. They pick gowns, accessories, shoes and headpieces based on styles popular within the last fifteen years or so. White is traditionally the first choice of color when selecting a bridal gown. Variations of white like ivory and light pastels have increasingly joined an assortment of color options.

The Bridal Gown

Perhaps the most important aspect of any Western wedding is the gown that the bride will wear down the aisle. Typically it is kept under wraps, so only the closest members of the bridal party know exactly how she will be dressed. This secrecy generally guarantees that moment when the entire group of assembled guests sigh a collective, “Isn’t she beautiful!”

Designer Silhouettes

The most common style of wedding gown is created with an A-line, allowing for a dress or skirt that flares softly as it reaches downward. A short gown for either the bride or her bridesmaids, can also hit at or above the knee in length. Bridal gowns are also popular when created as a Column styled sheath, or in Empire fashion with a high waistline. Another gown that modern brides enjoy wearing, has what is referred to as a Mermaid skirt. These dresses have a bodice that is fit close to the body, but a skirt that flares out below the knees.

Wedding gown length

The bride is usually the person to select the length of gown for the wedding party. As the center of attention, a bride may also elect to be the only woman wearing a long gown during the ceremony and reception. Gowns designed for brides, bridesmaids, flower girls and women in the wedding party can be selected in a myriad of lengths. In addition to floor length, these include dresses that reach the ankles, knees and above the knees. Tea length western beach wedding dresses may also be worn, as they usually fall below the knees but above the ankles.

Enjoy your special day

When selecting her gown, a future bride should always pick a dress length and silhouette that she finds flattering. Depending upon the wedding and its level of formality, brides are wisely encouraged to customize their outfit to express their individual personality. Along with natural beauty, every bride becomes a stunning presence on her big day.