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While most beach weddings tend to keep things casual and simple, it is not unusual to open an invitation card to a formal beach wedding. How should you choose your clothes? Where do you even begin from? Read on.

The bad thing is that your wardrobe may not have what you need, and you may have to go shopping, but the good thing is that you don’t have to fret; it is not as complicated as you may think, and if you need guidance, then you are in the right place.

In the context of a beach wedding, formal is not the traditional official that you are used to. There are many ways of getting away with casual fabrics without straying too wide from the stipulated dress code. The reason for this is based on how the traditional formal fabrics play with the salt air and the sand by the beach. Think office dresses not meant for the very formal office setups and if you can get a little movement for the sake of the breeze; even better.

Formal Beach Wedding Dresses

As mentioned before, there is a fun way of putting on lovely dresses and still look formal and blend in with the rest. The idea is to focus on the right fabrics and if you want to come off classy and organized, don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Make no mistake; that is not to say that only expensive dresses will give you the best look. At Wedding Tropics, we stock a wide variety of quality dresses in which you can rock a formal beach wedding.

Pick Formal Jewelry

If you are a fan of accessories, then you know how efficient they can be in accessorizing your look to give you a look that you want. The same is true for beach formal wedding dressing. The secret is in making sure that you get your accessories right, and to ensure that you have a broad variety of options, check out our collection of accessories that you can put on to a formal beach wedding.

Clutch Handbag

When it comes to handbags, you only need to switch your everyday bag with a nice classy clutch handbag to rock a formal look. It is highly likely that you don’t miss a clutch bag in your collection, but if you do, then it is about time you got yourself one. The good thing about this type of handbags is that you can use it to turn a somewhat casual outfit look formal and sleek.

Beach Formal Footwear

Paying attention to detail is of much importance especially when attending a formal beach wedding. This includes what you wear on your feet. A wrong selection of footwear can be a mistake that may end up making you look out of place and completely ruin your outfit. Bear in mind that the rule of the thumb of wearing flat shoes doesn’t change, you only need to find one that looks more formal than casual.