What Defines Beach Wedding Clothes For Men?

What Defines beach wedding clothes for men?  This is the first question grooms and groomsmen tend to ask as soon as a destination wedding has been officially decided. While there are variations on beach clothing from around the world that may well need to be taken into consideration for the grooms party there are some fairly classic styles and items to consider. Linens are the standard the world over but that isn’t where consideration stops on any beach wedding wardrobe.



The best beach wedding pants speak to the occasion while keeping the groom comfortable, cool and dry in the tropical sun. Linen slacks, shorts and khakis are all popular option. For super formal affairs panama style linen slacks are eternal beach side favorites. For less formal weddings khaki’s and shorts are both popular options due to the ambient moisture and spray as well as the sand and general heat.


The options for shirts are far wider than pants but ultimately still comes down to a specific set of styles. The Hawaiian shirt has been a staple of beach fashion and beach weddings for Americans for years but other options are also popular. Havana shirts speak to a classic look but  stand out a little more than the Hawaiian look. Guayabera shirts are another popular option that add color and festivity to the event. Of course a linen suit jacket over any linen dress shirt is the ultimate in beach formal. Keeping these simple styles in mind will make things easy on the groom and groomsman. Linens are the easiest to manage and best for the weather. And the styles should match the location and the taste of the wedding party.