Destination Wedding Apparel for the Groom


Knowing exactly where everything will take place will very largely dictate the men’s destination wedding apparel. Will some part or the entire wedding take place on an actual beach, or just near a beach? If it is just a beach-themed wedding then take your cue from the bridal beach wedding outfits. If the bride is wearing a ball gown, then perhaps a tux is not such a bad idea.

The wedding theme

If your wedding has a slight tropical theme to it, why not consider a casual Hawaiian shirt, plain white drawstring pants and flip-flops or go bare feet. You can also add wedding leis to the outfit to complete the look. If you are not into the whole island theme thing, consider some light colored or khaki shorts, an open collar white shirt and bare feet or deck shoes? Simple yet stylish!

Linen is best

For a sophisticated but relaxed men’s destination wedding apparel try white drawstring pants, a crisp shirt (striped will look very nice), sleeves rolled up, collar open and some deck shoes. A white linen shirt and dark trousers with no tie can also look fresh and classic. If your wedding is a little more formal you may want to try a light colored (sand or wheat) day-suit. This is also a good idea if you are planning your beach wedding in early spring or late autumn as the weather might not be as warm as in midsummer. You can also opt for a navy blue, charcoal or black tropical wool suit with a white shirt and dark tie.

Usually outfitting the groom is not a very big challenge, and a beach wedding theme makes it even easier.