Destination Weddings Mean Fun Inexpensive Wedding Gowns

Destination weddings are fun, and filled with memorable events that everyone will live to remember. While you don’t have to be rich to have the gorgeous tropical wedding, costs can escalate very quickly. Luckily, the most common types of gowns for destination and tropical weddings are often some of the most affordable wedding gowns. With shorter cuts on a hemline, non-traditional gowns and styles,  linen materials and numerous colors the options for inexpensive wedding gowns for a destination bride are simple, sensible and some might say obvious.

Wedding Gowns for the Destination Wedding

Ocean Side Weddings

A shorter, skirt style hem on a wedding gown is perfectly common for ocean side weddings. Particularly for ceremonies followed by pictures taken directly on the beach as is also very common after a tropical destination wedding. This alone can offer significant savings on custom and of the rack designer gowns. Linen is by far the most popular option for many brides. It offers comfort in both the tropical sun and the intense humidity. Linen is affordable and is easily custom tailored and holds color well for brides who go off white and bridesmaids dresses as well. Not every bride opts to wear white. Choose non-traditional colors that match the season, the beach and the theme of the wedding. Off color gowns and dresses are traditionally more reasonable than a standard white wedding gown. This is particularly true with off the rack designer fashions. They tend towards tradition and the increased prices that tradition sometimes affords.

All of these options can save a little while still offering a beautiful and personalized option for the bridal gown. The most important thing is to make sure the gown fits the budget and that the bride is happy.