Enjoy a Beautiful Tropical Beach Wedding

Weddings on the Beach

Every bride wants a beautiful, magical, best day of her life experience for her special day. Every husband wants to give his wife her perfect wedding, and if possible, do something they love as well. Many fun loving couples finally settle on tropical beach weddings for this very reason. Combining the beauty and mystique of the tropics and the fun casual vibe of a beach makes for a fantastic tropical beach wedding experience. Guests not only get to enjoy a beautiful wedding on the beach but also a tropic beach getaway.

Brides Wear

Brides can wear anything from the traditional and formal white gown to her own personally designed skirt gown. A spash of color to match the beach isn’t uncommon for tropical beach wedding gowns, nor are alternative designs that allow the bride to more easily navigate the sane and spray of the beach itself. Footwear can range from the traditional to sandals to bare feet in the sand.

For grooms the standards are time tested, simple and elegant. Linen slacks, Hawaiian, Havana and other classic beach shirts can easily be tailored in long or short sleeve depending on the formality of the event. Accents and embroidery that match the tropical culture and native colors of the beach are also fairly common. As with the bride’s options men can choose from traditional shoes, sandals or just bare feet. Accents like hats worn by the local cultures are also common.