Features to Specify When Buying Men’s Linen Pants

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Amanda Buckey

Seeking to buy men’s linen pants for your beach wedding? First thing is to recognize how ideal the fabric is for the event adding to the number of things you got right for your big day. The next thing would be to ensure that you buy the best pants for the groom and the groomsmen.

Here are some of the main features to specify when you go shopping for men’s linen pants.


On several occasions, linen pants for men are sized by the inseam in inches. For instance, a 32*33 label, it means the waist size of that pair is 32 inches whereas the inseam is 33 inches. Any linen pair of slacks or pants would undergo such a procedure to determine the sizing of the pants. Be sure to check the waist size on the label to see if it’s your best fit.

Buttons and zippers

Buttons and zippers are the two most commonly used fly designs for men’s linen pants. Whether you choose a zipper or buttoned fly, you need to ensure quality. The button design is a rather old fly design, although its still in the market and also offers a fantastic aesthetic value

As for the pant zippers, they are commonly used on men’s linen pants. Zipper designs are versatile and available in all sorts of colours, shapes and designs. When you go out to buy linen pants, the decision of whether to go with the zipper or button option should not wear you down. Both of these features have almost the same level of functionality. It all runs down to what suits your concerns and interests best.


Pleats are also an essential stylish detail in linen pants for men. Whether you want to define your pants either formal or informal, pleated pants function to provide a sense of a bold style statement and immense comfort


In the interests of balance, many men prefer pants with cuff finishes at the bottom. This feature is there to add a bit of more weight to the men’s linen pants for a straight look. Cuffs also help to shorten the visual impression of your leg.

In conclusion, a good vendor should leave a couple of options open for you to choose. Wedding Tropics offers quality men’s linen pants with the option to customize your order with the “Design It” button and your order will be ready in under 6 weeks.