Groomsmen Gift Ideas For Your Wedding

Groomsmen Gifts

You’re going to the chapel and you’re going to get maarrried. There’s honestly nothing better than the promise one feels on his or her wedding day. However, it can be overly overwhelming to plan a wedding. You’ve basked in the glow of the engagement for about a week before people start to talk to you about flower arrangements, who’s sitting next to who, and whether you want to go with silk or cloth napkins.

One of the many decisions you’ll have to make is what to buy for your groomsmen. This shouldn’t stress you out, however, as it can actually be fun. Read on for some inspiration for great groomsmen gift ideas for your wedding..


Dudes like booze. It’s not rocket science. And, yes, we do realize this is a sweeping generalization, chances are your groomsmen would love a nice bottle of scotch or whiskey. Or go ahead and get a beer growler for the beer aficionado in your wedding party. Go the extra mile and think about personalizing something like a beer mug with his “mug” on it (clever, right?). Booze on its own is great and all, but that personalization just takes it to that next level. After all, he’s worth it, right?


Socks are a great gift for anyone at any time because the straight truth is that the dryer eats them. And the struggle is universally real. But socks are especially fun for groomsmen because you can include them in the wedding for posterity’s sake. This is especially true if you buy stylish socks that reflect all of your interest, which you can easily do from a company like Stance. Want to splurge a little on those awesome dudes? Throw in a pair of Touch of Modern shoes for each guy. Sleek and stylish, these will make sure your groomsmen look their most suave in all of your wedding pictures—your bride will thank you.

Experiential FTW

Gifts that they can take home to commemorate the occasion are great, but experiential gifts are another great option. Plus, you don’t have to remember it after a night of drinking. If you know all your groomsmen love a certain sports team, consider getting a block of seats to a game. Or perhaps you simply offer to spring for a big dinner on the bachelor party weekend. Either way, these types of events that can will be treasured forever. So don’t forget to take photos!

Personalized Presents for Presentation Sake

We already talked about the personalized booze items (decanters, beer buckets, and more), but there are so many other things under this umbrella. And personalization takes every present from ordinary to extraordinary, as that person will treasure it and your big day for the rest of his life.

There aren’t many things that can’t be personalized either. From customized neckties and money clips to pocket watches and custom bobbleheads (yes, bobbleheads!), personalized groomsmen gifts abound. What would be even better is if you can find a way to incorporate the gift into your big day, like getting all of your groomsmen personalized tie clips.

A Dinner or Evening Out

While something your groomsmen can hold onto is great, a dinner or evening out would surely be just as great. Whether it’s over your bachelor weekend or another night out, a dinner out can be a great idea. Take them to a fun place that has meant something to you in the past, especially if you’re in a situation in which all the groomsmen know each other. Or if you have the means, you could offer to pay for a portion of the bachelor party—Vegas hotel stay anyone? Now that’s a gift any man worth his salt would appreciate!

The Gifts

Sorry to generalize here, but women are typically easier to buy for. Especially when it comes to bridesmaid gifts. From necklaces to wear during the wedding to gift baskets filled with fancy lotions and soap, bridesmaid gifts will surely be an easy task to take off your to-do note. But if you need inspiration for your groomsmen, simply choose an idea from this list and you’ll be good to go!