Guide for Rocking Men’s Beach Wedding Attire

Men linen shirts



Jodi Cabana Simenda

To think that ladies are the only ones to look good at a beach wedding is misleading; men shouldn’t be left behind at all. If you are planning to attend one and are thinking about what you should wear to a beach wedding, then you are on the right track. The good thing about men’s beach wedding attire is that it doesn’t require much. Just get the fabric right, and you will be more than halfway there.

So, you have the invitation, but in it, you cannot find any hints on how you should dress for this wedding at the beach. How then do you go about deciding what to put on? Will you go all casual or choose the formal outfit? What about footwear? Here is a guide on how to dress for a beach wedding.

Fabric? Linen or CottonGuide for Rocking Men’s Beach Wedding Attire

First things first. We want to ensure that the fabric that you choose to the beach wedding isn’t the first thing that makes you look out of place. This calls for precision when picking the best fabric for your men’s beach wedding attire. Linen and cotton are at the top of the list when it comes to the choice of fabric. A classic men’s linen shirt paired with linen pants will complete a simple yet exquisite look for the beach wedding.

The Weather

It is important to note that while beach weddings are mostly held in the summer, it is not unusual to be invited to one in the winter. This throws a trick in the mix especially when it is the latter. You want to make sure that you remain comfortable in your outfit whatever the weather. To get it right, be sure to check the location of the wedding and the weather. It is possible that the weather there is different from what it is in your area.

When hot, you want to go light, most preferably a linen shirt and linen pants. If cold, consider using a linen vest atop your guayabera linen shirt. Also, you may use a scarf to accessorize and look cool.

FootwearMen's Verona Linen Pants in Natural

Another important consideration when looking to blend in with the rest of them at a beach wedding is the footwear you put on. Since most men’s shoes are flat, there is no pressure here but to mention; you don’t have to put on your dress shoes. You can choose to use flat open sandals, or driving shoes since they are light and flat. Make sure that whatever option you decide to go with will not give you trouble walking on the sand at the beach.

Other men’s beach wedding attire Tips

  • In case you choose to go dressy, remember that you can ditch the tie and roll up the sleeves
  • It is a no-no for wool when selecting the fabric for your beach wedding attire
  • When it comes to colors, stick with the shades of blue if at all but you need to keep them light
  • It is vital that you check the dressing code in the invitation card and stick to them if any.