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Beach Wedding Mens Attire- WeddingTropics

How should men dress to a beach wedding? What considerations should they make when picking a beach wedding attire? Men’s beach wedding clothing may not be as easy to pick as it may sound, especially if it is the first time. However, one thing is certain; you would not want to show up at a beach wedding with the same suit that you usually wear to work. You need an iconic, classic yet simple attire to go well with the relaxed beach vibes.

As much as you are going there as a guest, you must ensure that your outfit is appropriate, and that you don’t end up embarrassed and uncomfortable. But if you don’t know how to go about picking the best outfit, you will want to check out our collection of elegant men’s beach wedding attire after reading this post.

Below are some great ideas for beach wedding attires for male guests:

Wear the not-so-casual shoes

Sandals are a great option when it comes to beach occasions yet so casual for a beach wedding. You can leave those for the ladies-sandals suit them best. As a guy, you might want to try loafers, sneakers or tan lace-up shoes except for light colored leather.

Get the perfect frames for your eyes

You are going to a beach wedding, so you definitely know what to expect during the day- sun, a lot of it actually. You do not want to keep squinting at the front to get a more unobstructed view during the awesome moment of ‘I do’s.’ always remember to tag along with a good pair of sunglasses to give you a more classic look on the beach. Don’t go with just any sunglasses though. Pick the right frames that are the perfect pair for your face.

Go for the pocket-square

If you are not looking at your tie as the best option for a beach wedding, you could still do the ‘pocket square’ style. You could do both the tie and the pocket square, but that would have you looking a little too formal for a beach wedding, which of course beckons a relaxed atmosphere.

Lose the Tux

Lose that monochromatic office look if you want to have a great time on the beach. Beach weddings are far more relaxed, which calls for something unconstructed and lightweight like a suit made from cotton or linen. Such outfits are bound to give you a much cooler feel on the beach as compared to the average silk or wool blend suits.

As for the color, black is a no-no for men’s beach wedding clothing. Settle for suits in blue, pale grey, off-white and any other suitable color which would give you a more seasonal base for your outfit.

Consider long sleeved shirts

Another pointer to help you withstand the hot summer sun is to consider long sleeved shirts. That is not to say that the short men’s linen shirt is out of the picture, but if you want to reduce to effect of the sun, long sleeve will do you justice. Our collection of men’s beach wedding clothing has both options for you choose from.