Ideas to Make Your Beach Wedding Guests Comfortable

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An integral part of planning for a beach wedding or any kind of wedding for that matter is making considerations for your guests. The role they play in making your most important day a success cannot be overlooked, and you, therefore, want to make sure that the beach wedding guests are as comfortable as possible. Since it is highly likely that this is the first beach wedding for most of your guests, you better make things easier for them.

To get you started, we have come up with a few essential things you can do to make the experience memorable for your guests on your special day.

Get the Timing Right

Time is the first thing to consider, and if you are looking to have all your guests around, then you better make sure that your wedding is scheduled for when most of them, if not all, are available. This is more so important if you pick a destination away from home for the sake of preparation. Also, you need to think about the time of the day that the ceremony will be held. It is advisable to schedule the photo session when there is natural light to get great shots.

Shade the Seating Area

If the ceremony will be on when the sun is beating down the strongest, it is only in order to create a shade for your guests. You can do this with a canopy over the seats with sturdy bamboo poles. In fact, don’t bother finding a costly canopy, just drape a colorful fabric over the seating area. This is both stylish and effective.

Provide Refreshments

Before the ceremony begins, you could offer refreshments for your beach wedding guests. This again is to help with the hot weather and keep them refreshed. You can serve iced water or lemonade at a side table before the ceremony starts.

Factor in the Wind

Preparing for the wind is a rule of thumb on the beach. You don’t want the gust from the sea blowing everything away just when you are about to exchange the vows. Weight down everything that can be blown away and tie others on the poles and the seats. If you are thinking of adding petal decorations, do that immediately before your beach wedding guests arrive. On the same note, weather can be unpredictable so make sure that you have a solid contingency plan.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Too long ceremonies tend to be boring. Also, with the heat and the wind, you want to make all the presentations and readings as short as possible. The idea is to keep the entire ceremony short and sweet.


An effective way of preparing your guests for the sand and the heat on the beach is to include the same in the invitation. You could also come up with a dressing code that would fit the hot weather condition. Be sure to check out our collection of authentic beach wedding attire for the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids and guests as well as beautiful dresses for the bride.