Integrating Children into Wedding Ceremonies “ The Beach Version

Sometimes a couple who is getting married may have children from previous weddings or have children on their own from before. The wedding ceremony can be a great time to send a message of cohesiveness and unity. It is a good time to start thinking in terms of integrating everyone into a large family unit. While the wedding is about the couple making a formalized commitment to each other, children may also appreciate the gesture of commitment to them.

Beach weddings lend themselves to this situation particularly well. Unlike a traditional wedding ceremony where modifications stand out, a beach wedding is relaxed and allows for greater customization. If you want children to walk with you or stand by you, it is an easy thing to do.

At a very cosmetic level, you can all get coordinated beach themed attire. This does not have to mean matching colored clothes as much as similar themed clothing such as embroidered shirts or linen pants. Whether this makes for future harmony or not, you will definitely establish yourselves as a family with good taste.

Traditional Wedding

At a more meaningful or spiritual level, you can have the sand ceremony. It is particularly appropriate at a beach wedding. Traditionally, the couple pours sand from their individual containers into a single larger container or vase to indicate their coming together in mind and body. Just as the sand mingles and you cannot separate the individual grains apart this ceremony is supposed to symbolize the unity the couple aspire to. The sand ceremony will be fun for the children and it is an easy thing for children of various ages to participate in. You don’t have to worry about spilt sand if you are out at the beach. The joint container of sand from everyone can be a meaningful memento of the family’s coming together. You can even choose to make it colorful if you have the children pick different colored sand.

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