Linen Suits Are Perfect For Beach Weddings

For beach weddings, linen suits are a sleek yet casual and comfortable option for the groom, groomsmen, and guests alike.

Linen Suits are Absolutely Timeless

From the distant past to the present, linen suits have stood the test of time. They were first worn by the ancient Egyptians because the linen would keep them cool and allow air to flow throughout their bodies. Social status was confirmed by how fine the linen was woven, and Egyptian royalty would even adorn their linen with embroidery and jewels.

Linen suits have long been worn by Hollywood’s finest. Classic actors, such as Cary Grant, were known for rocking double-breasted suits. Today’s Hollywood elite also see the value in linen suits. High profile actors like Leonardo DiCaprio swear by them. Daniel Craig even sported them in “Spectre”, and James Bond has always been a fan of a fine linen suit. Their longevity is a testament to their value, and they have stood the test of time.

At Beach Weddings, Linen Suits are Ideal

A men’s beach wedding attire should not only be presentable but breathable. So, wearing a freshly ironed, heavier suit is never a good choice for a beach wedding. They will end up being too hot, make you look stuffy, and result in majorly excessive wrinkling. That is not the way to go. Proper ventilation is very important. Therefore, you want to pick a lighter weight fabric, like linen. Linen suits can help to avoid wrinkles while keeping you cool and laid back for a more casual beach wedding look.

Since beach weddings call for linen suits. Most grooms choose a single-breasted suit jacket. Patch pockets are a nice touch, and notch lapels complete the casual look. A pocket square can be an acceptable substitute for a tie. A fabric dress shirt perfectly complements the suit. Don’t be afraid to wear a three-piece suit either. Some beach weddings are more casual than others. Strike a balance by pairing a matching waistcoat and vest with some linen pants.

Choosing the Right Colors is Important

Color scheme is key to those perfect beach wedding photos. So, you want to make sure your choosing the right color linen. A classic linen suit is off white or beige. While black, grey, and blue are acceptable, bold colors should be avoided. Softer colors set the tone for the occasion; this includes cream white. The truly brave may sport a light pink suit. When wearing a tie, it should match the suit and colors chosen for the wedding party. Having the same colors creates continuity and is important to every bride.

Customize Your Linen Suit

Any linen suit must be properly tailored. If you’re not sure how to take measurements, we have a very handy video demonstration and some detailed instructions as well. You can even add custom details to personalize your look. Looking invested is important for grooms.

While the right suit can make a beach wedding, linen suits are the go-to for a stylish yet comfortable attire.