Ideal Men’s Beach Wedding Look

Men Wedding Look

For all you men that are lucky enough to have a beach wedding this is a message of warning. Just because you’re privileged enough to not have to walk down a concrete aisle in a suffocating suit does not mean that you can show up looking like a castaway either! The men’s beach wedding look isn’t an informal one, nor is it semi-formal. It’s what I like to call a formal light look. You’ve got to look casual but with a formal, sharp edge to it.

Beach Wedding Outfits

As a race, we men tend to be drawn towards dressing carelessly. Of course, I understand that there are men who are highly particular about perfection. Either way, I must also say that they are more the exception rather than the rule. And so, shorts and t-shirts may be great on a normal day on the beach but not your wedding day. It’s a day marking the most special moment of your life and no matter how carefree you’d like it to be you’ve got to make sure you look your best! Which means you need to put considerable thought and effort into deciding your look for your, I do moment!

Drawstring pants and linen shirts are great options for a men’s beach wedding look. White is the safest color to sport on top whereas beige is a good choice for the bottom. Beige dress slacks or linen slacks are also great options for your lower style. Add a leather belt and some loafers and you can complete your ˜relaxed-yet-sharp’ look to perfection! If for any reason you think this is still too informal, you could opt for a lightweight linen suit with a tie and brown buck oxfords.

Even if you don’t spend a million dollars, you need to look it! It’s high time you got in sync with what you’ve got to do. When the big day comes, let loose your most handsome and dashing self and make sure that any stranger who wanders past will be sure to be able to differentiate as to who the groom is!