How to Have the Best Beach Wedding on the Budget

Wedding Saving

Thinking of getting married? Daunted by the expense involved? Set aside your worries. Beach weddings are here! They are in fashion. You can have a stylish beach wedding on the budget yet fun and  elegant.

Of course, the beach comes free, unless you plan to hold the wedding on a private beach. You can decorate the beach with a simple arch made of palmera leaves tied together with seaweed for your beach wedding. The altar could be a simple table with decorations.

Your beach wedding tables could rest in the shade of palms loaded with food that you have ordered for the occassion. Friends could play the music or you could let the sea sing and dance to your wedding or if you can afford it, go in for a beach wedding band. Your guests could sit around in formal rows or informal arrangements, while you and your beloved take you vows in ideal beach wedding dresses for the occassion.

Beach wedding dresses

Beach wedding dresses made of linen and cotton are not very hardRecession Weddings_Saving your pocket on your pocket. You can get an elegant Guayabera linen or cotton shirt and linen pants at something less than $50+. If you are looking for something more decorative and colorful a Guayabera beach wedding shirt is the best pick. Remember the Guayabera shirt has been in vogue for 200 years in the Caribbean and Latin American countries. The pleats at the top and bottom of this elegant beach wedding attire is decorated with beautiful embroidery and designs. They are comfortable to wear and blend with each body type and come in many readymade sizes.

If linen or cotton shirts are not what you are looking for, you could indulge in guayabera poly blended shirts. These come in traditional and presidential styles with full sleeves and half sleeves. Embroidered shirts, floral shirts, hawaian shirts and Cubavera shirts would all make excellent beach wedding attire for men.

The Bride’s Dress

Your bride’s dress too need not be too expensive. Flowing halter top gowns in vibrant colors could underline the mood of the moment, can be linen, cotton or poly blends. Veils that go with the dress can be had for a small sum. Wreaths and other accesories can be purchased or hand made using natural material.

So if you are planning your wedding during this downturn, just consider the possibility of having a beach wedding and buying yourself beach wedding dresses. Believe me, it is an entirely feasible option and just what you should do when finances are tight and yet you do not want to postpone your wedding! All said and done, a beach wedding has its own charm and is a lot of fun for everyone!