Reminiscencing on Beach weddings in Phantom comics

Who says that conventional weddings are the most enjoyable? There is nothing to beat a wedding on the beach!

For those who have been brought up on a diet of Phantom Comics, nothing could be more unconventional and romantic than a beech wedding. It is ultimate in Romance! It is certain that most fans of the comics have dreamt of a romantic beach wedding on the Golden beach of Keela Wee with the moolit canopy of the sky; the shimmering golden sand for a carpet; subtle music of the waves and rhythmic chant of the preist. The thought would be most enticing and enthralling. Of course, the thought of having no modern amenities would surface sooner or later, but it was fun while the imagination played roit!

Pictures of Beach Weddings

What catches and holds the fancy is the wonderful pictures of beach weddings that are shown in these comics. In these episodes the 'back to nature theme' is underlined with suitable pictures of the bride and the groom wearing a beach wedding attire that is simple and practical! Linen shirts and pants for the male and halter tops and flowing skirts for the female partner would ideally make up the beach wedding attire. Wreaths made simply with flowers would adorn the hair. Bangles, anklets and chains would be designed with fragrant flowers. The whole would be crowned with a romantic honeymoon in the Emerald hut set right on the beach! Phantom's own wedding takes place in this wonderfully romantic scenario. Diana dressed in her flowing wedding dress that is entirely suitable for a beach wedding with simple wreaths adorning her hair and flowers on her wrists and neck was the ultimate in romance for the readers.

Of course the guests would be distinguished Presidents of a country or the chief of a tribe all dressed suitably –not in beach wedding attire–but in clothes that distinguished them for what they are! Phantom would certainly be the chief guest at the wedding and he would bless the bride and groom gracefully accepting his status as the legend of Denkali and faclitating their honeymoon by offering a jade hut on the beach!

While no one actually remembers the romantic beach weddings in Phantom comics (apart from the fans), beach weddings are becoming very popular today. Just browse the Internet and you will find hundreds and thousands of sites offering beach wedding organization services, selling you beach wedding attire, beach wedding attire accessories and a host of other things.

Interestingly, a few enterpising beach wedding organizers have gone ahead and named their beach wedding site as Keela Wee! Of course, this is a very modern luxurious version of the original Keela wee with a private villa with modern amenities (instead of a jade hut) overlooking the beach.

Today, you can think of a beach wedding that is set in natural surroundings without sacrificing any of the modern amenities that you are used to! Moreover, you have a variety of beach wedding attire to choose from and beach wedding accessories to go with it. You can browse through styles and gaze at pictures of romantic brides and grooms dressed in beach wedding attire that is entirely practical and absolutely gorgeous.

Your guests too,–if they do not have to live up to signature styles like Mandrake–can select a beach wedding attire that is in keeping with the mood and theme of the wedding! Linen shirts for men, embroidered beach wedding attire for children and practical beach wedding attire for women are all available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Whether you are or are not a fan of Phantom comics, you should seriously give a thought to a beach wedding. It is the most romantic and unconventional wedding theme and it is something that will be remembered by you and all your guests!

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