Renewing Your Vows to the Sounds of the Ocean

You have been married for several years now and want to celebrate the relationship by renewing your vows. This is a great way to recommit to each other and to acknowledge how much the relationship means to each of you. A beach wedding or cruise wedding is a great idea for this renewal of vows ceremony. It takes you away from the daily grind of your life and reminds you of all the fun you have had and hope to continue having as a couple.


Traditional Wedding Ceremony

You may have had a traditional wedding ceremony with much input from family a while ago and you can make the renewal ceremony more casual and fun. Here is your chance to experience a more relaxed and informal wedding. The ceremony can be intimate and meaningful without it seeming like you are re-creating you wedding day. If there is a beach that holds special memories for you as a couple, you can choose that. You can also try out a new cruise and make the renewal ceremony part of your promise to always be open to exciting adventures in your marriage.

Since this ceremony is inherently a celebration of the family and friends you have together, it is a perfect idea to plan a vacation wedding. You can let your near and dear ones know that they can plan their vacation around this by asking them to save the date in advance. If you have children and grand-children they will enjoy the chance to relax in a ship of beach while celebrating with you. You can find a way for them to be part of the ceremony, get matching beach wedding attire and make it a truly special family occasion. This quality time spent with friends and family can be a memory that will last a lifetime.