Setting the Perfect Beach Wedding Ambiance is Simple with These Tips!

Beach Wedding Ambiance

With summer on its way, the season for beach weddings has arrived! Considering the natural ambiance created by the combination of sunshine (or sunset) and ocean waves, how can you create the perfect setting and up the ambiance factor? It’s the most special day of your life, and you want the ideal atmosphere both for you as a couple, and your guests. We have a few beach wedding ambiance tips we think you’ll love!

First of all, what you wear has a definite impact on the atmosphere. For all of the guys who will attend, men’s linen beach wear is the perfect clothing choice. The look is casual, relaxed, and light, perfect for the beach. Untucked, all the men will feel and look comfortable, without looking slouchy. The ideal casual attire!

The accents and decor you choose also have a great deal to do with setting the perfect beach wedding ambiance – and what goes better on the beach than sand, seashells, and an old boat?

Create charming candlelight by placing small votive candles in glass containers inside larger round glass containers with a wide opening at the top. Around the votive candle place sand, seashells, and starfish for a unique way to light up the beach after sunset.

Line the isle you’ll walk down with tall plant hangers holding large white flower arrangements surrounded by flowing white ribbon that blows with the ocean breezes – charming!

By now you’re probably wondering what the boat is for! One unique way to keep drinks cold (whether beer, wine coolers, or soft drinks) is to load them up in a boat and cover with ice. What a “cool” idea!

Continuing on with the boat idea, why not use miniature boats filled with mints for your guests?

Don’t forget the food, which can also contribute to beach wedding ambiance. Since you’re located close to the ocean, why not serve up seafood such as clams, lobster, fish, or shrimp? Pair it with a salad and napkins in a seaside color, and the mood is set.

Nautical or Beach Theme

Whether you prefer a nautical or beach theme, there are endless ways to set the mood right for your beach wedding. Don’t forget that how you, the groom, and guests dress can add to the atmosphere. When you’re looking for casual and relaxed rather than formal and “stiff,” think men’s linen beach wear.

At Wedding Tropics, we offer a wide array of beach wedding clothing. There is something for everyone including the wedding attendants, guests, or the bride and groom! Check us out, and enjoy the perfect wedding.