The Bare Necessities for a Beach Wedding Reception

Beach Wedding Reception

The reception is the time the guests really get to celebrate with the couple and it is a great way to end the beach wedding ceremony on a high note. Beach weddings or beach themed weddings offer the couple interesting options for sharing their personality with their guests and sometimes the choices can almost be overwhelming. Here are a few basic rules that will help you get the best beach wedding reception.

Wedding Reception

Whether the reception is at night or day it is a good idea to have one canopy. It does not have to be elaborate. It defines the space and when you have tables around it, it provides a dramatic visual effect. The canopy will also serve the added purpose of providing shade if the sun is still up. Pick lighting that will be sensible for the location and the theme. Lanterns and strings of Christmas lights can be elegant and dramatic while tikki torches along the periphery will add to the tropical ambience. If you are using candles, make sure they are protected from the breeze or the wind.

You can add reflecting surfaces like glass beads, water and mirrors in the table decorations. These will provide interesting mood lighting for the night. White is a good base color for a wedding in general and this applies to a beach wedding also. Layering and combining other colors with this will emphasize the blueness of the ocean. Also, you can play with shades of white by bringing in contrasting textures like jute and satin or organza and burlap. These can be the foundation on which you build. You can play around with centerpieces, party favors, food and music confident in the knowledge that your basics are covered.

After the intimate wedding ceremony when the partners pledge their commitment to each other, the reception can be described as the time the couple define themselves to a wider circle of friends and family. So, go out there and don’t fear to explore and express yourselves for there is no wrong or right. And as long as you are doing something that is meaningful and exciting to you, you are doing all the right things!