The Best Boutonnieres For A Beach Wedding

Even for a beach wedding, boutonnieres are usually a must for all brides. There are lots of easy and creative ways to do this.

You can turn it into a fun do-it-yourself craft by making your own. A DIY beach wedding boutonniere is one less thing for your bride to do. It also gives you more control over your wedding day style. One idea is to collect items on the beach for a unique boutonniere. You can find a seashell and add a flower to it. Don’t forget to create matching ones for your groomsmen beach wedding attire. You then have one important detail out of the way.

Alternately, create a simple one using ribbon and a starfish. If you like the minimalist look, this may be your best choice. If a ribbon is too girly for you, it is also acceptable to use a single blade of grass or netting. All you have to do is attach a pin to the back of each starfish.

Ribbon and grass aren’t your only choices though. Another is a nautical rope, which will create a boutonniere that is simple but stylish. A more romantic idea she may love is using a single crystal and a few small pearls.

Tradition states that the same flowers your bride is carrying in her bouquet should be used for your boutonnieres. It also helps to take into account the time of day your beach wedding will take place.  The last thing you want is for the boutonniere to look bad.

If your ceremony is scheduled for the hottest part of the day, choose accordingly. Some flowers handle heat better than others. The wrong flower may become wilted before the day is over. But you can avoid this problem if you are willing to use fake flowers. These look so real no one is likely to notice the difference. Most are made from silk and are just as beautiful as real flowers. Yet they can endure the heat that real flowers can’t.

Though you can choose whatever flower you want for beach wedding boutonnieres, there are certain types of floral picks that are generally associated with beach weddings. They include Gardenias, Iris, Orchid, Lillies, Gingers, and Calla Lilly.

Whatever you use to create your boutonniere should fit the mood of the day. Used sparingly, flowers can enhance any wedding day beach attire. Even if you only use them in her bouquet and your boutonniere. This is a way to have some creative control. A boutonniere is something you can cherish after the wedding. Preserving it properly is a great way to keep wedding day memories alive.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking boutonnieres aren’t worth using. They take so little time to make. Yet they will give your bride another reason to smile. Boutonnieres should always complement your wedding day attire. This is easier to achieve than you may think. With a little work, you will be ready for your big day. Your bride will appreciate that the small details matter. And you and your groomsmen will be appropriately dressed for the occasion.