The Do’s and Don’ts of Beach Wedding Attire and Accessories

The idea of a beach wedding is generally associated with soft sand, cool sea breeze and a beautiful sunset at the horizon. A beach wedding comes with its own set of considerations and in this article we are going to discuss some essential tips for the ultimate oceanfront celebration.

Dress accordingly: If you are getting married on the sea side then you need to compromise on your attire and chuck the ballroom gown. Sure you can walk the aisle with a long dress but photo sessions on the beach is going to be a problem. Women can go for a short dress in a light fabric like charmeuse or chiffon. Beach wedding attire for men can include linen beach wedding shirts, linen pants and even Bermuda shorts.

Avoid high heels: Sand and heels just doesn’t mix well. Instead opt for wedges, espadrilles or sandals with flat soles.

Change your hairdo: Remember that wearing your hair down on a windy beach can be more than problematic. If you consider flaunting your locks then ideally you need to invest on a stylist who would be doing touch ups all round the day.

Chuck the veil: A long veil on a windy beach is surely going to be a nightmare for the bride. Instead one can complement their hairdo with fresh flowers.

Prepare the guests: Make sure to enumerate all your plans on the initiation card or wedding website and prepare them for the sun by including important items like sunscreen, hand fans and water bottles in the welcome bags.

Decor of The Venue

Keep the decor of the venue simple and elegant: A gorgeous oceanfront doesn’t need to be decked up. Instead one needs to emphasize the natural beauty of the venue.

Add a dash of color: If you want the decor of your venue to work out well then go for vibrant colors which contrast the shades of sand and waves.

Go for a local menu: When it comes to the most important part of a wedding viz. food one should stick to hiring local caterers who are respectful of the local environment and are knowledgeable about the local market.

Ensure privacy: beaches which are not private can get really crowded with vacationers especially on weekends. So avoid getting hitched on a weekend if you want to avoid public attendance. Try hiring a seafront estate if you are looking forward to a nice secluded ceremony.

Make sure to install a shoe station: Your guests surely don’t want to spend their time with sand in their shoes. Providing a shoe check would ensure that your guests can switch to flip flops so as to comfortably walk on the sand.

Provide adequate shade and offer refreshments: Installing a canopy over the seating area would protect your guests from the harsh sea sun. Setting up a table with lemonade, beer or cocktails would ensure that your guests stay entertained while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Use insect repellent: Using insect repellent cream is a good idea regardless of the time of the year.

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