Top Tips for Choosing Tropical Wedding Dresses


If you’re planning a tropical wedding, you’re probably expecting sun,  sand and sea, and you’re going to get lots of that.

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However, if you’re not from a tropical climate,  you might be completely lost when it comes to choosing the right wedding dress.

Fortunately, we’ve got all the tips you need to have to find the right tropical wedding dresses, so you can shortlist your favorites, and plan the

perfect tropical wedding!

1. Loose and Flowing Over Tight and Form Fitting

The first thing you should know when choosing tropical wedding dresses is that you want to look for something looser and more flowing. In this case, a tight, body con style or even a mermaid style probably won’t work.

Look for dresses that are more flowing, like shifts or even Grecian styles. They’ll look amazing on the beach, and they’ll let you breathe and keep the sweat at bay!

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2. Cooler Fabrics

Many wedding dresses are made from heavier fabrics like brocade, satin or even velvet. However, when you’re dealing with warm, humid tropical climates, that’s the last thing you want! Ditch the heavy fabrics and opt for cooler cottons and linens. Fine, floaty fabrics like voile make the perfect accompaniment, and add just the right amount of dreamy beach wedding appeal.

3. Shorter Hemlines

While you can certainly still have a floor length wedding dress when you get married in a tropical setting, you might want to consider a shorter style. This is particularly true if you are getting married on the beach or in a garden. Longer styles might be harder to wear when you’re sinking into the sand or strolling through a lush garden!

Shorter tropical wedding dresses don’t have to be any less romantic. Consider a high low style that allows you to walk with ease but still gives you the silhouette you want. Or choose a romantic handkerchief style hem to give you the look of a tropical island fairy!

4. Add a Little Color

Even if you’re getting married in a tropical paradise, you might still want the dream white dress. That’s perfectly fine, but don’t rule out color without looking at a few options first!

Tropical wedding dresses that combine wedding white with pops of turquoise, orange or salmon pink can look amazing, and with a golden tan and verdant backdrop, they will look amazing in your pictures!

5. Ditch the Veil

While you’re deliberating about tropical wedding dresses, don’t forget to pick out the perfect accessories. A long, flowing veil probably isn’t ideal for a tropical island wedding. So, skip it, and choose fresh flowers woven into a beachy style for the perfect tropical wedding style.

If you are planning to get married in a tropical location, you should embrace it! Instead of trying to make formal, stuffy dresses work when you’re surrounded by natural beauty, channel it in your wedding dress too. In fact, while you’re at it, why not consider some blinged up tropical wedding flip flops to go with your dress? They’d be the perfect shoe choice for your relaxed, comfortable, easy breezy wedding style.