Beach Wedding Decoration Options


A beach wedding with the sand and surf comes with in-built set decor so to speak. What can be more naturally elegant than the beauty of the splashing water and the swaying palms? But you can choose to add a little bit more of your personality to the setting when picking your beach wedding decoration.

You are making an effort to get your attire right and it is only appropriate that the background where your vows are to be exchanged be part of your perfect vision also. And here is where you have to choose for you can go with anything from real simple to royally elaborate. Your guests can take their cue from your beach wedding decoration choice about the kind of experience you are creating.

Traditional Wedding Gown

If the bride is choosing a traditional wedding gown with the trimmings and the groom is in formal wear, it suggests that the couple is opting for a certain gracious tone. In this case it seems appropriate to have a carpeted aisle on the sand with chairs covered in fabrics where there is a choice of textures like satin, organza or damask. A white cover with a colored sash will help color coordinate the whole wedding.

If the bride and groom are going with a more casual tone by picking casual beach dresses or short-sleeved shirts and linen pants, then the beach wedding decoration should reflect this tone. You can use shells or stakes to outline the aisle and folding chairs for the guests. Casual does not have to mean ugly and this can be prettied with judicious use of colored ribbons. You can add to the tropical setting of your beach wedding by introducing flowers for both formal or casual decor.

The important thing is to remember is to have fun while at it. Make sure that what you choose works for you as a couple. Also, sync it with the setting to enrich your wedding experience!