What’s the Ideal Men’s Clothing & Attire for a Beach Wedding?

Groom beach Ideal Wedding Attire

Beach weddings are common during the spring and summer months. If you’re attending a friend’s wedding you probably already know it will likely be warm or even hot – and maybe a little humid, too! As a man, you don’t want to outdo the groom in terms of your attire, but you do want to look good. If you’re going for second best dressed, we have a few tips that will ensure you look good in your attire for a beach wedding while keeping your cool.

Beach Wedding

First of all, ditch the tux. Unless the beach wedding is a formal occasion, you’ll want to go a little more relaxed. What you want to avoid is a silk or wool blend suit, which would be suffocating in the heat. Instead, think unconstructed and lightweight, such as a suit crafted of linen, cotton, or seersucker. Pale colors are also recommended for a beach wedding, given the light, casual atmosphere. Stick with pale grey, a light blue shade, or off-white.

If it’s a casual, laid back beach wedding, go for a crisp tailored shirt and white linen pants, wearing the shirt collar open with sleeves rolled up. A pair of sandals, webbed belt, and perhaps a panama hat or white fedora and you’re ready to go! This is an easy attire for a beach wedding.

Still on the casual line, if you like something a bit on the funky side, pair beige tailored shorts with a white shirt and summer blazer; tie is optional! Slip on some deck shoes (sans socks, of course), a matching belt, and your wardrobe is sure to make a splash.

Sandy hues are always fitting at the beach! Pair a white shirt (short or long sleeved) embellished with a little embroidery with chinos, a natural fiber hat, woven sand-colored belt, and sandals if you want. Really casual beach weddings require no shoes at all – but you may want to ask the bride or groom if they’d rather those who attend wear shoes.

Attending a sailing themed wedding? This one’s easy! Pair a crisp white dress shirt with navy shorts. Throw on a sports jacket (pinstripe preferred), sailor-inspired cufflinks and multi-colored boat shoes. Get these correct and you’re ready to get on board.

As you can see, men’s attire for a beach wedding varies depending on the theme of the beach wedding. Also, on how formal or casual the occasion will be. For all of your men’s beach wedding attire needs, trust Wedding Tropics. We offer a great selection and the ultimate quality. We go beyond your expectations!