Custom Order Expedited Shipping

Our standard delivery timeframe for custom orders is 5-6 weeks, our expedited service if you need it sooner is 2-4 weeks; both shipping options are offered at checkout. The expedited method is DHL direct shipped from our manufacturer to you. It essentially skips the scheduling wait at the manufacturer, as well as the extra hop from our fulfillment center which is our standard weekly bulk process.

Actual ship times within our timeline ranges are dependent on the time of year, size of order, and order queue. During our peak season of Feb-May, we will be at the upper end of lead times on both options. All other months will be at the mid to lower end. Usually the quickest we can possibly accommodate is 10-15 business days door to door but will likely not be possible during our peak months.

If you have a specific in hand rush date requirement, make sure to use the calendar date setter in conjunction with the rush shipping option during checkout and we will work for your date. If the date cannot be met, we will inform you.

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