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  •   Embroidery Sample Booklet

    Embroidery Sample Booklet


    Choose from over 300 colors for your embroidery designs. You can view all the available colors online by clicking here, but we strongly recommend purchasing the booklet if you are looking for color accuracy.

    For US domestic, price includes shipping. Return the booklet once you are through for a $10 refund.

  •   Fabric Color Samples - WeddingTropics

    Fabric Color Swatches


    Fabric sample color swatches available for order. For US domestic, price includes shipping but please choose no more than 6.

    We have an extensive amount of fabric colors available to us but not all are posted here. If you are in need of a particular color and not seeing here, please contact us.

    For exact match to a fabric color you have, please refer to our color matching system.