4 Tips for Packing for Destination Weddings, Men’s Attire

Destination Weddings, Men’s Attire

You’ve been invited to a destination wedding. The event will take place somewhere in theimage3
tropics (Brazil, Aruba, Maldives, etc.), and the dress code either has not been specified or is

It is normal to be conflicted and even anxious about packing effectively. In a small suitcase, you
are to pack your outfits and other necessities like hair and body products, shoes and more.
Here are some simple tips to help you pack more effectively as a guest at a destination

1. Utilise light materials such as linens

Imagine you are seated on a beach, in a polyester suit, or even worse, a traditional wool suit.
When choosing your wedding attire, utilize lighter materials that are breathable.
For instance, a perfect material for destination weddings is linen. Not only is linen suitable for
every season, but linen is also easy to care for. Unlike traditional suits, linen does not need to
be perfectly ironed to look good. Moreover, suppose you are travelling, and your arrangements
do not provide an iron. In that case, you can sleep easy knowing that those wrinkles are part of
its beauty.

2. Avoid looking frumpy

Some people think that because they are attending a destination wedding, that warrants them
to dress as if they are on vacation. Swim trunks, wife beaters, T-shirts, and sneakers are all
inappropriate attire. So, even if the dress code is casual, show respect for the bride and groom
by dressing appropriately.

Understand that the location of this wedding impacts the dress code. For ceremonies which
take place in reception halls or yachts, more formal attire is standard. Three piece-suits and
dress shoes are most suitable for these events.
For receptions held on the beach, the standard is casual. Button-down shirts and slacks are
classics for these locations.

3. Aim for balance

Stressing balance for events like these is so important. In the context of a traditional reception,
a three-piece suit is standard. However, destination weddings require more preparation. The
key to looking put together is maintaining balance.

Tips for a balanced look:

– If you’re going light on top (white, baby blue, ivory), then go darker on the bottoms
(khaki, green, beige, dark blue)
– If your top is relaxed, then wear a more structured bottom.
– Sandals are an option for the beach
– Avoid wearing heavy jewelry

4. Stay Organized

Typically, a suit can be picked up hours before the ceremony. Also, when you live only 20-30
mins away from the hall that is not a problem. However, when you and your tailor are
separated by massive bodies of water, waiting till the last minute to get your suit is not
acceptable. Make sure you are prepared, order your suit a month before the wedding just in
case you need to make alterations, or order a new size.

Destination weddings are beautiful, and an amazing experience. Make sure you apply these tips
to ensure stress-free packing. If you are looking for wedding attire, then look no further.
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