How to Pull Off the Mens White Linen Beach Outfit

Men linen shirts

These days, beach weddings are more popular than ever before. More and more people are choosing toAmanda Buckey
have destination weddings, and of course, that means a lot of planning!

One of the things you might be considering carefully is what the groom will wear. After all, you can’t
wear a tuxedo on the beach! If you’re considering a mens white linen beach outfit, you’ll be right on
trend, but there are a few things you want to remember when you choose this kind of attire.

Get It Treated

There are several products on the market that you can treat fabrics with that will allow them to shrug
off spills and stains. When you’re planning to wear white linen, that’s really not optional – you’re going
to need to protect your outfit from stains!

Talk to the store that you bought your outfit from about their recommendations or consult a specialist
like a dry cleaner or tailor, who can recommend the right products and processes.

Pack an Iron or Steamer

Linen is a fantastic, natural fabric. It’s cool and comfortable, breathes well and looks great. But it also
wrinkles very easily. The last thing you want on your big day is to look wrinkled and creased, so make
sure you pack an iron or a steamer to get your outfit in perfect, smooth shape before you walk down the

Choose the Right Fabric Weight

When linen fabric is too thin, it can be quite seen through. Which obviously is not ideal for a public
event like a wedding! When you’re choosing your mens white linen beach outfit, be sure to choose a
heavier weight fabric, and be sure to look at yourself wearing the outfit in several kinds of lighting!
Even with thicker fabric, remember that you can’t wear cartoon boxer shorts under your outfit. They’ll
almost certainly be on full display for all the guests!

Go for Contrast

A mens white linen beach outfit certainly makes a statement, but it can be a bit to stark, so make sure
that you include some contrast and interest into the mix.

A colorful shirt or tie, a pocket square and other little details can make all the difference when you’re
trying to style a white linen outfit. Be sure to co-ordinate your look with your bride’s outfit and the
wedding colors, so you match her and the event perfectly.

Take the Jacket Off for the Reception

Wedding receptions are known to be exciting, fun filled events, but they’re also known for spills!
When you get to the reception venue, check your jacket, so you can’t drag your sleeve through the gravy
or spill wine on your suit!

With your jacket safely stowed away, you’ll be able to enjoy the evening without worrying that you’re
going to mess everything you eat and drink on yourself.

Get It Cleaned Immediately After

Even if you’re careful with your mens white linen beach outfit, chances are there will be a few spills and
stains to contend with. Get them treated as soon as possible, before they have time to set into the
fabric. Then store the outfit in a garment bag to keep it in perfect shape for years to come.