5 Rules for Beach Wedding Attire for Guests

Beach Wedding Attire for Guests

Beach weddings are a very popular option, and now that we can gather and travel again, they’re back toFushimi Bain
being one of the top choices for bridal couples.
However, while a beach wedding might be a great way to create a memorable occasion, it does make it
a little more difficult for guests! Here are some rules to follow when deciding beach wedding attire for

1. Research the Venue

The internet is a great resource! When you receive an invitation to a beach wedding, visit the venue’s
home page and take a look at exactly where you will be. There’s a big difference between a beach
wedding that’s held on the sand on a tropical island, and one that’s hosted at a paved resort patio
overlooking the sea!

2. Read the Dress Code

Most wedding invitations include the dress code, and this will tell you a lot about what you need to wear
as beach wedding attire for guests.
Most beach weddings are less formal than weddings held at other venues, but that doesn’t mean they
all are! It could still be a black tie affair that is simply being held at a luxury beach resort!
If there is no dress code on the invitation and you’re still not sure about what beach attire for wedding
guests would be appropriate, don’t be afraid to ask. Any bride and groom will be a lot happier to provide
information than have you show up wearing the wrong thing!

3. Comfort Always Matters

Whether the beach wedding you’re attending is casual or formal, and no matter how close to the sand
you will be, remember that comfort always matters!
Your clothes should be comfortable enough to wear for a whole day event, since most weddings will last
many hours. They should not be too tight, too short or too complicated to go to the bathroom in, and
they should be made of breathable fabric so you can stay fresh all day.
Be sure to check the weather forecast too – especially if the wedding will be outdoors. You don’t want
to be too hot or too cold!

4. White Is Never Okay – and Neither Is Black

No matter what you eventually decide to choose as beach wedding attire for guests, make sure you stick
to the old rules.

White is a popular choice for beachwear, but it’s not okay to wear white to a wedding. Likewise, in
western culture, black is usually reserved for funerals – however, it might be okay to wear a black and
white print, or black as an accent color.

5. Keep It Modest

It might be tempting to choose beach wedding attire for guests that includes a very short skirt of a
skimpy top – especially if you will be outdoors during the ceremony and reception. However, while it’s
fine to choose an outfit that keeps you cool, you should never upstage the bride with your choices.
So try to keep your choices a little more modest than you would if you were on a beach vacation!