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Dressing the groom may seem the easiest of tasks when planning a beach wedding, but it is not. There more to it than simply buying a suit for the groom to put on. You need to decide on the color, model and other aspects that you don’t want to leave for the last minute.

It is easy for you to succumb to the pressure of preparing a perfect beach wedding and forget to give attention to what the groom will wear. The good news is that with a few tips, you can achieve the desired groom dress for your beach wedding without necessarily breaking a sweat. The following are the primary considerations for when dressing the groom.

The theme of the Wedding

In whatever plans are made for the beach wedding, the one denominator that remains constant is the desired theme. This affects the set up of the ceremony to the dressing of the groom and the bride. The theme of the wedding would, therefore, be the first place to begin when looking for the appropriate attire for the groom.

Breathable fabricsMonaco Vest in Champagne

For all your beach wedding attire for men needs, you shouldn’t look any further than breathable fabrics. The same is true when dressing the groom. The heat at the beach and the fact that most weddings take place during the warm seasons of the year necessitate fabrics that allow air to flow freely. Linen has always been the best pick for breathable men’s beach wedding attire. You can combine a quality pair of linen pants with a perfect fitting linen shirt with a linen waistcoat for a smart casual look.

The bride’s outfit

Matching the outfit of the groom and the bride is an effective way of highlighting the day for both of them. As such, you want to ensure that you know what the bride’s dress when dressing the groom. The idea is to enhance uniformity, after all, it is their day, right?


The choice of the footwear would depend on how formal the beach wedding is. For instance, dress shoes would work if the theme is too formal. On the other hand, a nice pair of loafers can be used for either a smart casual or casual look.


The varying needs of different couples make it challenging to find exactly what they need for their beach wedding. That is why most of them choose to have customization of their outfits for the groom, bride, bridesmaids, and the groomsmen as well. The idea is to find a reliable vendor that offers such services and placing the order well in advance. Wedding Tropics allows for customization of orders with precision to the client needs. You only need to use the “Tailored” or “Design It” button during check out, and your order will be customized.


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