Beach Wedding Groom’s Attire: The Dos and Dont’s

Beach Wedding Celebration



The fabric is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about any outfit. For a beach wedding, no fabric is better than linen for men. Why is that? Linen is ideal for the beach environment since it is not only light but also breathable. Quality men’s linen shirts can be customized to match the wedding theme and the bride’s dresses. The same can be done for the groomsmen’s outfits as well.


When placing your order, ensure that the outfit has a comfortable fit. Most grooms prefer a loose fit considering the heat at the beach. While at it, it may be necessary to see to it that the fit of the beach wedding groom’s attire is the same as that for the groomsmen for uniformity sake.


An essential guide on the choice of clothing for a beach wedding is the theme of the wedding. This is based on the couple’s choice, and if you are tasked with dressing the groom,you should be well informed beforehand. For instance, if the wedding is all formal, it would be odd to dress the groom in shorts and flip flops, don’t you think?


Another vital consideration when dressing the beach wedding groom is the footwear. Open shoes are advisable most of the time unless the wedding is formal and requires the groom to dress in a suit and tie. In such cases, a pair of dress shoes can be appropriate — the other option that kind of traverse all options is loafers. It can be used for both casual and formal wedding themes.


Dressing the beach wedding groom may seem a simple task until you don’t know what goes well with what. Truth is most people get stuck at times, and the best you can do is to avoid some common beach wedding groom’s attire mistakes. They include:

  • Sandals never go well with a suit
  • Ditch a suit jacket if the groom is wearing shorts
  • Short sleeved shirts are a no-no
  • If you choose a suit, avoid a monochromatic look
  • Never dress the groom woollen attire – stick to linen and cotton