How to Pick the Best Beach Wedding Venue

Beach Decoration

decoraci n de una boda en la playa 2

Picking the best beach wedding venue can be challenging especially when this type of wedding is new to you. The fact that you have opted to stray from the traditional route of weddings in churches means that you are looking for something different and fun, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect. There is no doubt the venue will play an essential role in ensuring that your important day is as best as it can be.

The good news is that there are pointers to help you land the best beach wedding venue at the destination of your choice. Among the things you should look out for when choosing the venue are:

The situation of the beach

That your destination is somewhere on the coast is not enough to pick any other venue along the coastline. You need to know more about the situation of the beach. Is it fully exposed to the ocean or is it in a sheltered cove? When the beach is fully exposed to the sea, you expect gust, and if you can figure out the time that the tides kick in, then you can plan better. Beaches in a cove have pretty calm waters. The other thing you need to check is the surrounding. You don’t want your wedding held next to a nudist or a bar beach.

Facilities at the venue

Besides a beautiful view of the ocean, what else does the venue offer regarding facilities? It is possible to find an excellent venue located a little away from the beach but has a transport service to the beach. Better yet, it can offer accommodation and such services. In such cases, you want to be sure that the shuttle will be enough for all the guests, and that the accommodation is adequate for everyone. The other thing to confirm is the access and availability of clean washrooms. Also, if the venue offers catering services for beach weddings; even better.

Plan the setup

After checking that the venue has all the facilities, you will need, try planning the set up of the ceremony. Where will the alter be? Where will the guests sit? Besides, be sure to know whether there are any restrictions as to what you can do on the beach.


One of the things that the destination you choose for your beach wedding, and therefore the venue influence is the style of the wedding. This is about your beach wedding attire. A casual outfit will be more appropriate if your venue is somewhere in the tropics. Also, you may choose to go Bohemian or formal. Whichever your style, check out our collection of high-quality beach wedding attire for men, women and children as well as beach wedding accessories.