Top 5 Tips for Creating Your Beach Wedding Guest List

Destination Weddings Groomsmen in Hawaii

Destination Weddings Groomsmen in Hawaii

After agreeing on the date and the destination for the beach wedding, the next big thing on the to-do list for the couples is deciding on who is to attend and who isn’t. Without a doubt, this part is one of the trickiest, and you can be sure that it will be argumentative. The good news is; with the right guidance, you can come up with a perfect and satisfactory beach wedding guest list.

It is not unusual for couples to want to invite almost everyone they know including high school friends and the friend of their father’s. However, if you’re going to keep the affair intimate, then you have no choice but to keep the crowd small. The only practical solution to this would require honest and kind editing of your guest list. So, how do you do that?

  1. Create the A-list

The first thing to do is to determine who among all the people you know should be included in the A-list. As the name suggests, these are the important people that both you and your fiancé cannot imagine the day without. Here is how you do it; have this pool of names of everyone you want at the wedding. Include everyone that comes to mind. After that, start trimming by determining those that need to be in the A-list.

  1. Bring in the Parents

With that done, the other people to include in the conversation are the parents from both sides. Do they have a list of guests that they would like to attend the wedding? How long is the list? Can they trim it too? It is likely the parents want to add a few more people on the list, and they should be heard. Another thing that is likely to come up is the number each family is allowed to invite. This will majorly be based on the amount of contribution each family has made to the wedding costs.

  1. Consider the Plus Ones

While you may be busy cutting down on the number of guests to invite to your beach wedding, those you pick may want to come with their plus-ones. This makes it a worthy consideration if you’re going to get the real picture of how many people will show up. Besides, it is not proper to make assumptions on the plus-ones. Make sure that you let your guests clarify if they are coming with another person. On the same point, you may want to consider the single friends first.

  1. Be firm

Most of those you leave out will probably cause mayhem, but if you are serious about keeping your list short, then you better stand your ground. An example of this would be if you invited only a couple of your co-workers and the others want to be included too. You either choose to invite everyone or stick to your list of selected co-workers.

  1. Have an open vision for the wedding

Many a time couples have had to change their mind about the type of the beach wedding they want to have regarding the number of guests to have. For example, a couple may be planning to have a small crowd, but upon coming up with the list of guests, they end up choosing to have everyone attending. Whatever your vision may be, it is best to leave room for a change of plans. After concluding on the list of guests, you may want to start thinking about the appropriate dressing code for your beach wedding.