Top Tips For Beach Wedding Attire for Men

Beach Wedding Attire for Men

Think of this, you’re standing on the beach with a cold drink in hand, enjoying the love of17
your family and friends. There really is nothing better than a beach wedding. Whether you
are making your way to a tropical destination or somewhere sandy nearby, dressing the right
way can be a hard task.

Keep reading to learn more about beach wedding attire for men.

Beach Wedding Dress Code

Most beach weddings will provide you with a dress code on the invitation which will often
dictate how informal the event is.

  • Beach formal: Much like a normal formal event, a traditional suit and tie will work
    for you.
  • Semi-formal: Much like business casual, you can roll up your pants, ditch the tie, and
    put on a simple sports jacket.
  • Beach casual: Beach casual includes long-sleeve shirts with the sleeves rolled up.
    You will usually receive an invitation with a dress code dictated on it. However, if it isn’t
    specified, play it safe with a semi-formal dress code in mind. Below are some more hot tips
    for you to keep in mind.

Keep It Light

Like many types of outdoor weddings, beach weddings are essentially at the mercy of Mother
Nature. This means that you will need to ensure your outfit works no matter what. After all,
heavyweight wool fabrics will leave you sweating, while linen or cotton could keep you cool.
You likely know that darker colors will attract a lot of heat. This is why you should consider
more neutral shades and light tones such as cream, cornflower blue, and khaki. Though, with
that being said, dark outfits are fine, they may just cause you to get hot quicker.

What You Should Wear

Now comes the very best part. When it comes to choosing what you will wear to your beach
wedding, you shouldn’t be shy when exploring lighter colors and pastels to complement the
laid-back theme. Here are some more hot tips:

  •  Suit: A suit in cream, light blue, or beige will often do the trick.
  • Shorts: Shorts, when done correctly, are a great option for weddings. However, make
    sure that the people getting married are okay with shorts. Cropped pants are also a
    good option.
  • Tie and Bowties: The beach is quite a casual place, so you can often forgo any
  • Shoes: With the wedding being situated on sand, you could consider boat shoes or
    loafers. Try to avoid black shoes and try lighter colors.
  • Socks: Most of the time, you won’t need socks. But this will depend on your shoe

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide can help you create the perfect outfit for your next beach wedding. It
will save you from standing out in a bad way or making the wrong outfit decision and
overheating. Are you currently looking for beach wedding attire for men?
If so, we have everything from linen suits to semi-formal beach wedding attires. Shop with us
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