Men’s Beach Wedding Attire

When it comes to your wedding day, you want to look good for it. Having a beach wedding means that you can ditch the traditional formal tux and go for something more casual and comfortable. But if you have no idea where to start, here is how to choose your beach wedding day wear.

The first thing you need to do is decide on an appropriate and flattering color. You can go traditional or more daring, depending on your style. Tradition would dictate choosing black, grey, or white. The gentlemanly thing to do is to choose a color that will complement what your bride’s attendants are wearing. You can balance out colors like purple, blue or grey by wearing silver.

If traditional isn’t your style, any pastel color looks good against the backdrop of the beach and the ocean. A light blue or yellow outfit lends itself well to complimenting your bride’s chosen look for the day.

At beach weddings, it’s not uncommon for the participants to wear patterns or prints. This can be as simple as wearing a casual pinstripe suit. Anything that looks woven and soft will fit right in with the laid back atmosphere of a beach wedding and will keep you comfortable under the shining sun. A linen suit still looks formal enough for a wedding without being heavy enough to make you sweat.

You don’t have to go this conservative if you’re the outspoken type. A brightly colored tie or shirt can be beach wedding appropriate. Large prints are perfectly acceptable for this type of wedding. They will also look good when it comes time to take wedding photos.

No matter what you choose to wear, the most important thing is that it fits comfortably for the entire day. The wider the legs are the easier it will be to move around in. And unlike an indoor wedding, a beach affair means you can get away with not wearing a suit jacket.

If you do choose to wear a jacket, single-breasted is acceptable. On the other hand, a vest is a suitable replacement for a jacket in this case. The most casual grooms wear a button-down shirt along with a matching or complementary tie.

While most beach weddings are held on the sand, if yours is being held near it, but not on it, a Linen Suit and Linen shirt may be your best choice. They aren’t your only options though. If you and your bride are comfortable with a very casual wedding, you can even wear crisp khaki linen shorts, which are sophisticated enough to show you are taking the occasion seriously, without going overboard.

Above all, your beach wedding should be everything you and your bride want it to be. Whatever that means as far as the dress code, there are ways to dress appropriately while remaining comfortable and stylish at the same time. Choosing an outfit that you can enjoy the day in is something you will thank yourself for later. Make your decision wisely.

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